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Husband and I have been to Torchy’s twice now and each time it has been great! Plus, they have a beyond meat taco. Most authentic places don’t have a meat substitute besides beans. If anyone knows of any that do please let me know!


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Yummvees catered my wedding this year and I was almost in tears during it because of how many things they messed up. I had multiple conversations with the owner leading up to it about how I wanted everything to be set up and served and it’s like none of that got translated to the team who was actually there. Some of the food was not prepared the same way it was during the tasting as well because they didn’t arrive early enough to prep properly. Having to manage the caterer when I should have been enjoying one of the best days of my life is not what any bride wants. Sadly, it’s one of the things I think about the most when I remember that day. It upset me so much that I will never go back to the restaurant.


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News flash: we live in a first world country.

I’m not vegan or vegetarian but support people who choose those diets and also restaurants providing options for them.

Tofu and beans are way cheaper then meat and eggs too so I don’t really know what you are getting at saying it’s “bourgeois”.


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Not sure what your mobility issues are but they run tuk tuks from the entrance down to the main attraction and back for those with mobility issues. Just don’t want others to get discouraged and not go thinking they don’t have any options for people with mobility issues.