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Even if one believes in witchcraft, putting people to death for being accused of the practice is extreme. Especially, if the "practice" was signified purely by a physical ailment or body part.

The Republican's argument has no merit. Unless they are stating they should be tried, convicted, and executed for the same self-professed crime, as one of the representatives admitted to studying the occult in the past. Which is probably a graver act than most of those accused during the actual trials would have committed.

Moreover, their position smacks more as sexist than about exonerating crimes of witchcraft per se.


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Why are you focused on BLACK Lives Matter? Why not any of the other protest movements? What is it about BLM that triggers you? How is it that you cannot differentiate between the violence of people who follow a lying, thieving, pretender who wanted to be president for life from people who have died at the hands of police, suffered from police brutality, and want equality under the law?

You don't have to answer, it's clear as day from "my side".


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Geezus. It's amazing isn't it thinking back to HS and who some people became? Some you could predict and others it's just wild to see.

I went to school with a MAGA-stan, too. He would troll me sometimes on FB because of my opposition to all things Boiled Yam...until I asked him if he had a good time on Jan.6 in DC. I knew from a very credible source, that he was there. Alll of a sudden he was just a tourist. Lol. Haven't seen any FB posts from him in a bit. Although I could be blocked...sob.


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This was discussed in 2019 as well. During my mother's stay in hospice. It would have been a godsend. Hospice is not always the best solution. For some it works well. I had wished at the time that I had the emotional fortitude to leave my mother's bedside and testify in favor of the previous measure.


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S&S essentially costs the same as WFs now. Don't know about Shoprite or Big Y. I do know in Ffld County S&S better up their game (produce has been sucking wind) because Shop Rite is renovating (Canton store is my only reference for a reno'ed Shop Rite and it's really nice), Stews Leonards has a better selection, Wegmans is building a store, and TJs is much cheaper.


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Reply to Yale by thug_nificent

I used to work in New Haven. Granted it's been a few years but the city government was um, seriously corrupt. In order to be considered for city contracts, certain donations needed to be made in sufficient quantities to certain campaign funds. So Yale may be a problem but the city "leaders" were also an issue.