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Yeah, I bought property in SONO 16 years ago because a development was starting next door with residential, commercial, street level retail, and a park. The city gave the developer such a hard time that they sold the property and it sat vacant for it's a mall.

My point is it's a bit difficult to predict. You may want to look at the city's Facebook page and also search for other "Norwalk" FB pages. There are a few that cover Norwalk news and upcoming developments and projects.


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If you are traveling and can wait until you get to your destination most airports in Europe will have a Bureau de Change or setup your ATM card so you can withdraw monies that way. You will get the best exchange rate. American banks will have a high rate of exchange plus other fees.


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They have had open "tour" dates as part of the Garden Conservancy. But they're not always on the schedule of open gardens. You can check through the Conservancy's website. They usually start tours May/June and then again in Autumn. If you can get in it's a really beautiful site. Privately owned.


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I think it's difficult to unequivocally state that shopping one over the other or exclusively any one grocery store is advisable. I live in So. Ffld County and shop TJs, Stews, WFs, and S&S. No one place has everything. I won't buy meat from S&S (too many bad experiences). I buy Veg from different places, Stews bakery is the best of the bunch. If the ShopRite near me was updated I would shop there more often. If Big Y was in the area I might shop them for most everything except TJs specialities. Wegmans is moving in