cocopuffs239 t1_j8dvvu7 wrote

One of the craziest things I've experienced was when I went to look how well my 3.2k computer from 2014 did compared to my OnePlus 8. My phone is just shy of the same processor I have.

So my phone is significantly smaller and is powered by my phone's battery not a 120 volt outlet Crazy....


cocopuffs239 OP t1_j891q8h wrote

So what your saying is that we really don't know if the singularity will happen. Thus we should refrain from communicating this to other people (longer term stuff)?

I think I've been so excited for this for years that if it does happen I want everyone I know to be 'prepared' (as prepared as one could be). I'm a firm believer that ignorance is bliss but I'd rather know and be in chaos over it.