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“In 2017, however, law enforcement officers discovered that Birchum had removed more than 300 classified files or documents, including more than 30 items marked top secret, from authorized locations to his home, his overseas officer’s quarters, and a storage pod in his driveway.

Prosecutors say Birchum had two documents on a thumb drive in his home that contained information relating to the National Security Agency’s capabilities and methods of collection, and targets’ vulnerabilities. Both documents were classified as Top Secret/SCI, and their unauthorized release could be expected to cause “exceptionally grave damage to the national security of the United States.” the U.S. attorney’s office said in a statement.”

This guy was going to retire and then sell this shit. 10 years seems a little short on time to me.


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Maybe break from I90 at George, head up through Ephrata to Coulee City, check out Dry Falls on the way. Take Hwy 2 to Spokane, stop at the Alibi Tavern in Wilbur for lunch and head along the farmland to Spokane. It also depends on when you’re planning the trip, if weather’s shit stay on I90! Have fun and be safe.


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“CENTRAL - A man was formally charged with exchanging inappropriate messages with a 15-year-old girl just days after his campaign for a position on the Central School Board culminated with the Nov. 8 elections.

Joshua Schopp, 20, was initially booked into the East Baton Rouge jail on Aug. 17 for indecent behavior with a juvenile and computer-aided solicitation of a minor. Arrest documents said Schopp reportedly asked the girl for nude pictures of herself, suggested they meet up for sex and sent her pictures and video of his genitalia.

Schopp seemingly was never taken off of the Central School Board ballot.”

Funny they don’t mention how he did in the election…..


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A doctor is just as bad as a priest. And a pediatric physician as well. Even though they haven’t found it affected any of his patients, I can imagine he probably got off while examining little kids.

“Antonio "Tony" Belda, a now-fired pediatric cardiologist, was formally charged by a federal grand jury Wednesday for possession of child porn. It comes a month after he was first arrested by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office, with deputies claiming they found hundreds of sexually explicit images of girls who appeared to be no older than 12.”


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This is one of those experiments that makes me wonder why we should do this , but it almost seems like a way of studying the human brain, or creating a way to have an animal be used in the study of a living “human” brain without the risk of actually using a human. I don’t want human smart rats reacting the way humans do sometime in the future, but that’s way overthinking this. I did find it all interesting, but this trial in particular kind of gives an idea of how this research ca be beneficial to us as humans.

“The Stanford researchers, in fact, used their transplant technique to investigate Timothy syndrome, a rare genetic disorder in humans that can result in life-threatening abnormal heartbeats and may also lead to autism. They transplanted tissues derived from three people with Timothy syndrome into baby rat brains.

They found that those human cells didn’t grow as large inside the rats and weren't as structurally complex as the other human cells. That signaled to the researchers that the genetic mutations responsible for Timothy syndrome in people had impeded the rats’ brain development.

The researchers have yet to study how such mutations change rats’ behavior, however.”