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I love how the paintings show what's really going on. The power of the gaze is remarkable: the Exactor shows you what Cara is seeing when she looks at the painting.

And the confusion of Art & Reality is really neat!

And also, I'm glad Cara knows what's going on, now. Good to have one's spouse not mucking things up for the whole world.


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The simple ones all seem modern, and usually kind of form-fitting & revealing. I've been having trouble figuring out what kinds of dresses you've been wearing, and what condition they're in, with you traipsing all about the woods. I sure would love to see a sketch of each dress as you wear it!


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Have you encountered folks researching vegan regenerative agriculture? I know of people who are able to farm without using animals, but I've never heard of it in drylands. To be honest, I don't know where animal inputs are used in deserts in the first place, since I expect that grazing would increase desertification.


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.."...distributed to farms in dry places that would not support agriculture
otherwise (e.g., California's Imperial Valley), plus lawns, golf
courses, etc. Very little is allowed to reach the Gulf of California, a
practice that devastated a formerly thriving ecosystem at the Colorado

Can I just say how much I hate lawns and golf courses!