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I love the officers with the Arson investigation jackets on.

“This might not be the bomb disposal officer’s royally fucking up. We might need to look into a sinister act here even though every first responder for a square mile and 911 operators would have know in advance what was going to happen at that exact time when the countdown hit zero.

I have been in arson investigation for 20 years, something else is going on here, I can just feel it in my bones.”


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Find a compatible roommate and start an OnlyFans channel. Both tenants $1,600 will fetch a decent apartment and have cash for internet, streaming and heat.


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I feel bad for Walgreen/CVS pharmacist. Pharmacist don’t just count pills and put them in the bottle. In a hospital setting they tell the doctor how to deliver treatment on difficult cases because the pharmacist knows more about chemistry than the doctor.

In CVS it’s explaining that the doctor didn’t call in the script yet


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NTSB showing the press how they work, take one apart and show how they get the data organized in the computer if anyone is interested.

It’s interesting how they talk about how data is spread across the memory chips on the board and how losing some doesn’t mean the data is gone, just reduced fidelity.