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I've got a question.

I've heard a great deal about the radiation that reaches Mars. I recall one Astronaut with a very long stay on the ISS that received a dose of 10 Rads total. (Please, don't get on me about units, you know what I'm trying to say).

  1. What is the dose rate on Mars? If you go outside the shelter to take in the gorgeous vistas, how much radiation do you get per hour?

  2. Would it be possible to deflect the radiation with a strong magnetic field? Build a superconducting loop on the surface, set it conducting or oscillating or whatever, and deflect the radiation from the colony?

I look forward to your answers.




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There's a pretty funny article in that same issue about the drawbacks of feeding cows hemp high in THC. Apparently it makes them yawn, stand in one place for an abnormal amount of time, lean on each other or the fence, and they excrete delta-9 THC in their milk.

It's worth the chuckle.