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Butto famously said "We will eat grass, even go hungry, but we will get one of our own(nuclear bomb)..."

Well time has come for Pakistan to understand consequences of huge military budgets, giving safe haven for terrorists, encouraging religious fundementalist and not investing in civilian infrastructure and educational institutions while at the same time have overpopulation.

Pakistan is going to have a grim future. Americans have turned their back, after ISI chief went to Afghanistan when the Taliban took over. China will buy Pakistan infrastructure but they now realise what's the point of buying something from someone who has nothing. Saudi might be the only country that might still help Pakistan.

The irony in this is Pakistan has been shouting for decades that India wants to invade them and destroy them. At the same time they dug their own downfall.


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Pakistan is going to have an interesting decade coming up. They have an insurgency with the Pakistan Taliban, a hostile Afghanistan Taliban, Balochistan is boiling, religious fundamentalism has destroyed any political process, they have one of the youngest population but don't have food or work for them.

All this is a recipe for a nightmarish situation for Pakistan government.


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Initially India's position was politically not favorable to Israel. India was against Pakistan's creation for the same reason. Dividing countries by religion will only cause more conflict in the future. Especially the Pro Arab congress government post world war 2 wanted to balance peace in the region and not have Palestinians pushed out.

But that has drastically changed over the years with recognition and good co-operation in what has become a fight against religious terrorism. While politically India still supports Palestinian cause, it has become more pragmatic and less idealistic in its foreign policy. Not abandoning Palestinians at the same time grow it's co-operation with Israel.


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How to become a complete Chinese Vassal, speed course by Pakistan.

What Pakistan needs is drastically improve its education. Remove Fundementalist from religion. Create independent institutions that can control and grow independently. Decrease the ARMY and ISI power over civilian government.

Instead they have ruined education by allowing funding to religious fundementalist groups. They have given safe haven to number of religious terrorists. Have not allowed any instruction growth independently. Completely allow Army and ISI to control its civilian government.


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This is the funny part. Russia had US in a very bad spot. US had just withdrawn from Afganistan, it was internationally very unpopular. Donald Trump eventhough he lost the election, has just been able to rally the poor white support base towards russian interests. Putin had significant support in Europe and America on lots of issues. EU and NATO was having serious internal problems and questions being raised for their existence. Ukrainians still had some russian supporters.Sweden and Finland were neutral countries allowing space from NATO.

After the invasion everything has backfired. Everything has gone completely the opposite way than Russia predicted. Suddenly US seems essential globally to keep international peace. The American support base were put in a bad spot try to defend Putin's actions.EU and NATO have gotten much stronger and mostly will be a bigger threat to Russia. Ukrainians have become so united, that Russia will have a blood enemy at its borders for decades to come. Sweden and Finland are going to join NATO essentially making Russia more vulnerable.

Putin fucked around and found out. There is no positive way to get out from this. His economy will be in ruins for decades even if the Chinese and Indians completely support them, which I don't think they will and they can. Their wealthiest markets are no longer accessible. Diplomatically they have been designated as a terrorist state by EU. Everything that can go wrong is going wrong.


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The dispute started when china encroches on mutual patrol points between both the countries in the LAC in ladakh. Patrol points are in no mans land. While china did not technically enter the Indian LAC maybe true(still there are de-escalation going on), it has also broken the lines of engagement by encroaching into these patrol points. Even after the clashes and escalation China has permanently built structure into the no man's land.

Why was there a push of hostilities during covid also the rethoric from CCP was agressive and manufacturing war like rethoric in its newspapers. Both countries people were dying in thousands and was this the time for China to do this?

There were 20 Indian soldiers who died, for what a 1km incursion into a point in No Mans land? What is China trying to get here? Other than try to bully?


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They have expansionist policy, even Bhutan was affected. The attacks were completely unnecessary as the space between the two countries LAC was militarised after decades of calm. Not to mention all this in the height of a pandemic.