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I don't disagree with that at all. The rub there is that's a town with 7 bars in 1 square mile, and their whole song was family friendly to differentiate themselves. The funny bit is it's a seriously cornered market to out of town money, and it is where people bring kids. Because bowling/arcade, no other venue has that. Eliminate that and the kiddos can rough it at Sarges. But they will come, regardless - when it's only place with kid shit. What I found laughable was the chef/vibe/nacho/not slow/bussing station stuff. Like, whoever posted it - my business is not restaraunt mind you - I would be tempted to strangle. Pay us, tip us, and clean up after yourself. Hell if it works that's a great model.


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Get that lad on a lobster/fishing boat. He'll have room and board while making good money. Good enough to come home with rental dough to get set up with a place. Don't get sucked into this vortex, been there, done that, with people I really care about. (And will again, tbh, lotta "free spirits" in my circle) But there is a massive difference between helping and enabling.


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Reply to Despicable by KermitThrush

Would be nice in an alternate dimension for a large strong lad to apply his logic upon him. But really, the equivalence he's making is devoid of logic at the most base level. If X is allowed to have control over their body, why can't X not have control over their body? Like, am I on crazy pills? Edit: what district did this piece of shit hatch from? I want to know where to never allow my children to go.