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Wow you think it's that bad? I mean, I know his cover would never replace the original piece, but I think Cash did an amazing job at giving another interpretation to the feeling of the song


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Yeah I get what you're saying about the feeling of the possible guessing of the solution at the end of Poirot's stories, and I suppose that's something Christie noted as a lacking in detective stories, giving the reader at least some little possibility or sensation of possibility of reaching to the culprit.

That is one of the main reasons that the stories of Ellery Queen (at least some of them) were a kind of novelty for me. There you have the direct challenge from the author to analyze the problem and trying to reach the conclusions before telling you the solution


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Mmm I see your point here. To be honest I love the original too, but more in the context of the album that as a isolate piece of music. Don't get me wrong, Trent it the original composer, and without his creativity Cash's version would be obviously impossible, but for some reason I like the latter much more as a isolated song