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Upside is we get different weather than inland - the news always separates them out. It's traditionally a lot windier down here but in the Summer, the temp can be as much as 5-10 degrees cooler and 5-10 degrees warmer in the Winter. We don't get much snow either.

The negatives are obviously, it's a lot more expensive to live down here and you'll have higher prop taxes the closer you get to the water. It also takes forever to get anywhere, especially going to the airport, it just sucks. Traffic is much higher in the Summer too - we get a lot of Summer renters


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Madison and Guilford are almost interchangeable but Madison inches out Guilford by a few hairs. They're both beautiful towns and you can't go wrong with either. Madison has a better youth sports program, better sports facilities - highschool sports are also more competitive. Madison has three town beaches vs. Guilford's one. Guilford has better restaurant options, a better downtown, and seems more down to earth than Madison. Madison is more snobby/stuck-up. I've looked at homes for sale in both towns for a few years and Madison has lower inventory and higher prices IMO


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Reply to Oil Types by wittlebee24 is your best bet to find the lowest price. The price just came down like a dollar ($4.45g today) so get it while you can - my oil company is no longer locking in rates so I use this website to keep an eye on things.


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if you have AAA they provide a free passport photo and then you can print up the application, fill it out, and bring everything to the post office where they will make sure it all looks good and send it on their way.