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Desalination is primarily done through high pressure filtration, no by phase change. It is more energy efficient, but still extremely demanding.

Also, the super salty brine needs to be disposed of, and can't just be dumped into one spot in the ocean or it creates a dead spot. You gotta pump it out into the open water in a current...

Basically, it's expensive. So you don't do it unless you absolutely must.


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this article gets posted like 8x a day.

companies have grown drastically since 1978. International commerce is huge

Fortunes largest company in 1978 was GM with 3.3billion in profit

today the largest company (by revenue) is walmart at 143billion in profit, apple was 170billion.


The 350th largest company in 1978 was Tyco, with 8400 employees

today the 350th largest company is Air Products, with 19000 employees.


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You're half right. The biggest contributor to dulling is mineral deposits from drying cycles.

If you dry the blade after every use (including a blast of compressed air) the blades can last 150+ shaves with minimal wear.


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Franchise model has more stability, for owners and fans.

The drawback, depending on your point of view, is that it's locked down. No one can force their way into American football, without permission.

In European football, you or I could conceivably start a team tomorrow, and we could hypothetically be in the premier league in a few years.

The downside, major cities could be without a competitive team, the team you've always rooted for could fall apart.

Franchises can be anticompetitive, which is why they do things like drafts and salary caps to help maintain equilibrium since there are no external forces to balance it.


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think of waves in a bathtub or pool, or even an ocean. the waves are highly complex, and you may not be able to cancel them all perfectly, but if you can just knock down the peaks and troughs, you'll make things much smoother.

Throw in some white noise and you can drown out the rest.


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well... before we judge how this comedian might have escaped your attention, we should probably qualify how rare that is...

which comedians DO you know?

I think he may be bigger in europe, but I saw his password stand up on reddit a few years ago and went down a rabbit hole on him.


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"Oakes was initially skeptical about creating a prequel to Grease for television."

And then she saw the salary and said "Lets do this!"

People are baboons, they hate that they love all the sexist stereotypes that the 50's embraced.

Its going to be a random teen drama with empowered women. While wearing pink jackets.

it will be boring.


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In any math that matters, to expect others to rely on pemdas would be very very bad form.

Formulas are always written with brackets so there can be no misinterpretation. After all, past the 3rd grade, no one trying to trip anyone up with ambiguous syntax.