contacts_eyes t1_jefrwdn wrote

This barista at Starbucks asked me how my day was and I actually felt compelled to tell her it hadn’t been so great. She was really nice about it.

To be clear I usually respond with “okay” or “fine” whether it was a good day or not, but for some reason i felt like i had to be honest that day


contacts_eyes t1_ivd4rdk wrote

This post brought up a memory of when i was like ten or eleven and my cousin had some edgy magazine, it wasnt like a playboy or anything but it definitely had some weird content, anyway it was just there in her room and I decided to look at it one day. The last few pages had an erotic story in it and it was about a guy who went to a female dom and she made him drink pee. That shit is still burned on my psyche because up until that point I don’t think i had read anything that weird before.