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Sorry, I’m trying to connect the dots: what’s the “hidden” side? It seems like you’re implying that Disney killed the Space Coast? I’m not sure that tracks. I’m from central Florida and very familiar with the way Disney operates politically and economically in the area, and I don’t see the connection you’re trying to make.


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Hmmm… …seems like the origins are still being debated. This hermit dig does seem to provide evidence of pre-Colombian syphilis in Europe but it’s still ambiguous whether the disease we know it as today came to Europe via the Americas. A similar finding from a century or two earlier would be more conclusive though one could still make the argument that Vikings could have brought it to Europe though that seems like a huge stretch considering the first recorded outbreak was in Naples in 1494/5. The European origin still has many plausible hypotheses between it being confused with leprosy and the possibility that the outbreak in Naples was from a mutation of a precursor. So yeah…. …who knows.


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That’s really early in the timeline for syphilis in Europe isn’t it? Is it a known thing that the Colombian Exchange came east prior to Columbus? I know small pox reached the Americas prior due to fishermen, never thought syphilis would have hitched a ride on the trip back.


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Building on the response from u/the—larch:

Carbs and fats are processed by two different metabolic pathways and the carb pathway is more efficient so it is used first. You can then burn up the glycogen provided by the carbs while your body is slowly converting the fats which will feel like a blood sugar crash, so you eat more carb+fats. The process keeps going through the day and the fat has no where else to go except as triglycerides in your fat cells.

This issue can be abated if you’re willing to and can ignore the carb crash as a signal of hunger or if your carb source has high fiber as part of its nutritional matrix because the fiber slows down glycolysis. I would imagine we could potentially one day design a food with the ideal matrix where the ratio of carbs/fiber/fats provides the right amount of energy at the right time, but it won’t be as tasty as a donut.


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I have a small homestead with goats, sheep, pigs and chickens. I also have some sort of immunological condition that I’m going to go get tests done for tomorrow. I swear there are times when I’m super sensitive to the awful smells I am privy to with the animals where my nostrils feel inflamed and I start getting really fatigued.


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I have chronic urticaria and last time I had COVID I didn’t have urticaria for around two weeks. Of course now I seem to have some form of arthritis which may be post viral syndrome.


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Beautiful work!!! There’s just something so lovely about gouache. Maybe it’s because I associate it with all the amazing landscapes Bill Waterson did in the Calvin and Hobbes strips I devoured as a kid. But I do think there’s something about the way the opaque color builds up while still laying flat against the paper. You have mastered it.