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I disagree, on 2 fronts:

  1. It's fiction, much like the idea of immortality or if the Sun is green:

There's 2 ways it can play out, depending on the ascribing of if immortality is REALLY worth it: the TRADITIONAL "I'm gonna live forever!" and the PHILOSOPHICAL "oh no... I'm gonna live forever? What have I done? standpoint.

Neither Claudia nor Louis in Interview With the Vampire were particularly elated to become vampires until AFTER learning of the consequences of their actions, no matter how attractive the idea of immortality was at face value.

  1. Opportunities ARE created, but MC STILL turns them down. It's like the Uncle Ben quote: "With great power comes great responsibility". MC is presented opportunities that SEEM innocent on the surface, but have VERY malicious consequences that aren't disclosed.

Jinns AREN'T all like Will Smith, the late Robin Williams, Shaquille O'Neal, or Barbara Eden.

In fact, think of it like if Jeanie decided to become evil and WILLFULLY malicious and drop a car on Capt. Nelson if he wished a new car would drop out of the sky.

That's the gist of it, along with a jinn (or a djinn, a jinni, or a genie) being a trickster. 500 years of being in a lamp may give them SUCH a pain in the neck, but, in the least, so can they.


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I lie on my bed watching Wishmaster when I hear my dog barking.

Mail's here... I sigh to myself.

The postman hands me a small package as I rush out. "But I didn't..." Too late. He's gone to the next house.

"Uncle Abraham? What's this? What'd that old codger send me now?" I read the letter: it's almost in an illegible script.

"Dearest William, how are you? Enclosed, I send this key. I picked it from a market stall in Tehran. The seller has informed me to please be careful and not to make wishes out loud as it will come true in the worst possible way... it's said a jinn possesses it. Please do not make the same mistakes I did: I lost my fortune, Aunt Anya died suddenly, of a stroke, and bad luck now follows me. Warmest wishes, Uncle Abraham.

P.S.: Please do not try and get rid of it."

"Yeah, right, I---"

The dog continues to bark incessantly. "WILL YOU SHUT UP?! HE'S GONE!" I yell at the dog to be quiet.

"I wish that I couldn't hear that stupid dog anymore..." I say to myself and the key glows red in my hand, then fades.

Nothing. "I knew it. Piece of junk. Feeble old man---"

My hearing has vanished mysteriously and I can't hear the dog anymore.

I look wide-eyed at the key in my hand. The number 1 has vanished.

I run outside and throw the key in a nearby river.

As I walk back to the house and unlock the kitchen door, there it sits, dry as a bone and unharmed.

"Stupid piece of... I could've sworn I... meet garbage disposal!" I pick the key up and throw it in.

And that's the end of---

The blades whir, then stop and smoke. The key is unharmed, but the blades are bent. The key gets spit back out.

Something taps me on the shoulder.

"Having trouble, are we?"

A grotesque, humanoid form covered in blue marks stands behind me, grinning toothily.

"Go on. Make another wish and this'll all be over. Do you wish that?" This must be the jinn.

"Yeah, I wish---" I catch myself before saying it. Wait! NO! Don't do it! This sounds like...

"Oh no, you don't, you little tattooed putz!"

His face falls, like he'd just been foiled for the first time in 800 years.

"Bravo. You've got 2 wishes left, you know. Why don't you wish for a place better than this dump? Or perhaps you'd like SOMEONE gone."

"You must think I just fell off the first turnip truck that rolled into town. Didn't you hear me the first time, you tattooed freak? I ain't buying, so shove it"


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I rub a lamp.

"I am the genie of the lamp!"

"Why don't you sound like Robin Williams?"

"I can... if you wish it. What is thy first wish? Perhaps... A CERTAIN redheaded woman at the office, maybe? Or perhaps you WISH for hers to be yours."

I think for a minute. Tempting, but...

"Can I wish for a million more wishes?" I excitedly ask.

"NO." The genie tells me sternly. "A genie can only grant THREE wishes. That is the law. What is thy first wish?"

"What if I wish for a million more genies?" I politely ask.

"Damn it."