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To expand on this:

If it's within the posted timeframe and you've parked there for two hours, you can't just move your car to a different spot and expect to be good for another two hours: this sign applies to the entire "U" zone; you'd need to park somewhere that is designated with a different letter.


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  • Yes, it should unscrew. If you can't do it by hand, try wearing a rubber glove or using a washcloth to gain more grip on it.
  • Make sure you're turning it the correct direction. Sometimes when it's at an odd angle, your mind has trouble telling which way is counterclockwise.
  • If you used Drano and it didn't help the clog, that Drano is likely at the bottom of your P-trap, so wear goggles at least to protect yourself against it splashing out when you remove the trap.

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Unfortunately there isn't much more to Breezewood than a short stretch of Route 30 with some gas stations, fast-food/chain restaurants, and a couple gift shops. If she can stand being out in the frigid cold, she can probably walk around and see it all in an hour or two.

You could send her a gift card to Starbucks, maybe?


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I dunno if this will be good enough for your purposes, but a lot of the time when offices go out of business, they'll often sell off their cubicle partitions and stuff cheaply. Check Craigslist.


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I really don't remember. Maybe? The back of the old store was kind of a mess; I never really looked around back there all too much. They're pretty hit-or-miss overall, I honestly think if you're looking for something specific (and older) and you don't want to keep popping in every week, you'll have better luck driving out to an architectural salvage place.