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Pissing off the other side? Why does that matter. Republicans could give 2 caps about that. Like I said time to be forceful the American people want it let's put the pressure on.

Look at the Texas just trying to hide the abortion pill access case bc of the protests. Only way things get better through history is to push and fight for them.


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I disagree, Let's put the pressure on. That's why it's called using your bully pulpit. And right now biden not really using it. I hate trump but he did a much better job at using his bully pulpit. Next FDR? OK then show us, FDR used his bully pulpit better than anyone.

Just look at what Bernie is doing with his senate appointments. It's working and will work. Tired of giving passes to situations like this. No thats wrong, it's time to fight and push.


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The president supported a public option where is that? Why is he not using his bully pulpit for his own plans and yet are silent. It's just a sad joke of performative gestures that a lot of us are sick of. Do something instead.

Trust me the local dsa and i spend a lot of time on parts 2 and 3 of your post don't worry about that.


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It's not an all or nothing thing. We will do some but it will be way too little way too late for most people.

Yea some of the richest will be fine but for thr majority of earth's population will not and by waiting until the moment you suggest means tens of millions of deaths. That's exactly my concern.


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Revolutions podcast covers this too. It was the puritans who wanted to and they def tried to ban the partying and drinking part. But they were so unsuccessful and many people freaked out when they kept pushing.

Don't think Cromwell was behind it bc he seemed to want to flex as little power as possible.


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Any industry? Robot dogs? How are people this mesmerized.

Can they teach our children? Nope. Can they provide healthcare. Nope. I mean I could go on. There is so much waste here when we could be investing in so many better ideas. What a waste.


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Oh thank heavens. So glad our research institutes are competing on robot war death machines instead of actually researching something useful to literally anyone. You know, this capitalist system really does work. /s