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When I want to go out of my way (rather than a short walk from home) to see a really good variety, Mystic River Reservation by routes 28 & 16 is my choice. Didn't post about it here because it's outside Cambridge :)

Especially during migration. But all year you'll see herons & swans there.

Here's the bar chart:

Photos: - Click "more" at the bottom, there are a lot. it's a popular spot for birders, so most of those photos are not from me. (Here are my photos from that spot: )


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I got all of those because I go there a lot, rather than because it's an especially excellent spot for birds, of course. What's exciting about it is that it means if you really pay attention, you can see a lot of cool birds in places you wouldn't expect.

If you look at the bar chart, you'll see the warblers and thrushes and several other unusual birds for Cambridge stop by there during migration - mostly May and October. There are some summer residents (like chimney swifts) who are gone in winter, and some winter residents (such as juncos) who are gone in summer. Click the bar chart on the left sidebar.

Also, because it's a small urban park with playground, it gets enough people that shyer species go away later in the day. But you probably know birds are most active early in the morning. So if you do want to visit and submit lists there (which would be very cool!), arriving during the hour after sunrise is usually best. Some species are bolder - robins, jays, grackles (in summer), cardinals, house sparrows, mockingbirds - and will still be around when there are more people.


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Fresh pond gets a very wide variety of waterfowl. - click on the bar charts (left sidebar) and also "more top media" to see people's photo submissions.

However, I'm even more excited about this tiny park near Central Square that I added to eBird about 7 years ago and visit regularly in the mornings:

62 species so far, in a 1/3 block urban neighborhood park!

Although I have only submitted a small portion of the photos I've taken there over the years, here's a sample of what I've seen there:


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If you live that close to the main streets of Central Square, you're near bars, loud trucks, and all sorts of other loud stuff. Starlight events always ended by 9pm, and it was hardly ever the loudest thing happening in Central Square on any particular day. It makes no sense whatsoever to shut it down. Better to vote to shut down Mass Ave, outlaw construction, and close all the businesses, if you want quiet. It's just inane beyond all belief.


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In addition to that, I believe the Board of Zoning Appeals is part of the Inspectional Services Department, so send them some feedback via - I don't know who receives and routes those messages, it may not be a board of zoning appeals member, but just make it clear to them how you feel about the BZA decision.


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Emailed them, and also exhorted them to fire those zoning board members who voted against renewing. I don't think there's even the smallest shred of excuse for those members to have any role in Cambridge city government, and even if the city council manages to overrule this, I'll be furious if any of those members who voted against Starlight remain on the board.