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The water on this planet is the same water that was here 4 billion years ago. Odds are good everything that has passed through your kidneys passed through a few sets before yours. Anyone who thinks that's nasty is just being childish.


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In the last calendar year, I've spent

$39 on a new wireless controller for my PC.

$80 on a new joy con set for my Switch.

$14 for a USB to Ethernet adapter for my Switch. There's lots of wireless interferency near my TV.

~ $200 on games (switch, and PC).

My kids love the switch. It's fun to play with them, but I've always been a PC gamer.

I built my gaming PC just over a year ago. Literally 395 days ago and altogether that cost around $1,500. Technically I didn't spend that in the last year, but thought it might be relevant anyway.