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Yeah, but Arnie as a military guy, sure he might have a sat phone as standard equipment, but would Roy Scheider have taken one on The Orca? He had no idea what he was after. I think there are a lot of situations where a character wouldn't have a thing regardless of its availability.


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There's some good stuff. Someone already said it, but Undead Nightmare was a blast. It also stopped me from playing the vanilla game and I've never finished.

Someone also said Blood and Wine, which was amazing, but I liked the story of Hearts of Stone better.

The Citadel DLC for ME3. I finally played through it about this time last year and it really felt like a missing part of the game. Toothbrush...


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Great. Add it to Semeglutide (of course there are better ways, I'm not saying add it to the water, some people need the help though) , drop the cost to something affordable and then watch the cost of healthcare plummet?