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  1. Actually I'm against most wars.

  2. I don't support child labor with certain exceptions like family businesses or kids in movies.

  3. The draft hasn't happened in decades and I'd be surprised if it ever happened again even if another world War did.

  4. Sload isn't a word so not sure what you're trying to say as an insult. So how about you fuck off and learn some actual ones.


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So all for body positivity until you need a negative point? Also less educated? If you mean college then I hate to tell you but in many cases it's more or less useless. Also not sure what listening to classical music has to do with anything. As for traveling abroad if you're looking down on people for not doing that you're an elitist.


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  1. The fact you have to say "the vast majority" isn't a good thing. Especially when you have democrats on camera saying they want to get pregnant just to get an abortion.

  2. That comparison doesn't work as the eggs we cook don't contain chicks. They're unfertilized. For someone calling someone else a moron you sure seem to be lacking in basic knowledge.


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Reply to Limerick, ME by Mikerm3

Accidentally missed that sign first time I went that way but didn't get stuck. I've learned not to trust Google maps since then.


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A troll=someone who doesn't appear to be in any way talking sincerely but rather just because they want conflict or to rile people up that is them no doubt


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You said "sounds about right for that party." That leaves only likely 3 possibilities first is you don't vote, second is you're a Democrat that votes Democrat, the third is you're registered as independent but vote democrat more often than not. Also it doesn't mean anything if there's some exceptions. That's like trying to use the intersex argument for why a man can supposedly be a woman.


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I'm hoping and voting for Lepage if only because I prefer just about any Republican to any Democrat politician.