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For people who didn't read the article:

> Eckstrom has said the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report exaggerated the state's cash balances for a decade by double counting the money sent to colleges and universities. The mistake went unsolved until a junior staffer fixed the error this fall.

This sounds like straight up incompetence.


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Sure, there are similarities between many groups of people in terms of appearance, culture, language, etc. However, here are some interesting facts about Taiwan:

Taiwan has its own language, Taiwanese, that is slowly being pushed out by Chinese. Additionally, Taiwanese people who read and write Chinese use traditional Chinese characters rather than the simplified Chinese characters (introduced by the Communists).

Taiwan is the global leader in manufacturing computer chips because their manufacturing processes are years ahead of anyone else (for more info, look up TSMC).

Taiwan is a very modern democracy and they deserve to be recognized as an independent country.


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It's not that they give them out for "about anything." You can take a look at the requirements here:

In the example you described:

Type of injury: caused by shrapnel, so qualifies

Severity of injury: required medical treatment, so qualifies

Source of injury: This is the only real question. The description says that the injury may be caused by an enemy or friendly fire that was intended to harm an enemy. This definitely fails the requirement for friendly fire intended to harm an enemy, so we have to evaluate if the drunk soldier was considered an enemy.

I would say intuitively no, but who knows what they were thinking at that time.


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No, it's in the article. His foot was already destroyed by frostbite:

> The man had been admitted to the nursing home in March after he had fallen in his home when the heat went out, and he suffered severe frostbite on both of his feet.

> Other nurses interviewed by investigators said that Brown removed the foot for “compassion and comfort” as the foot was necrotic, had begun to smell, and was barely still attached to the man’s body.