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I'm so sorry. You must be devastated 🥺 My two boys are 16 (just a few months apart) and fortunately still very healthy but my heart hurts at the thought of when their time comes. I hope you'll find a ride and your fur baby will be relieved of her suffering. And I hope you will always find happiness and peace in her memory.

And I'm also sorry for the assholes harassing you.


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I moved to Pittsburgh from another state in 2016. I quickly learned that 376 is not a term locals use and will look at you like a dog hearing something only dogs can hear when you say it 😅 376 west of the city is Parkway West. 376 east of the city is Parkway East.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

Oh, and welcome to Pittsburgh!


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Well a month ago he was already home, having friends over, and wheeling himself around. If necessary I'm certain the writers can make changes to the plot and scripts due to any physical limitations. The show recently announced they have this series mapped out for another 8 seasons, all to be filmed in Pittsburgh. Sounds like they anticipate he'll return in some capacity. I have my doubts, regardless of health, that it'll last that long though. But that's just my opinion.

I worked a 16 hour day as an extra on MoK last summer. The overwhelming majority of that time was spent sitting around a tent city prison in the August heat. The stars spent that time sitting around in air conditioned trailers.


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Sorry that you were hit. Fortunately that has never happened to me. My process is to move to whichever side gives me the best escape route in case someone coming up behind me shows no indication of slowing down. Sometimes the shoulder has plenty of room. Sometimes that's not an option but on the left there's room between cars to shield myself.

I've only had to move into an escape route a handful of times, and in all of those instances the person stopped before hitting anyone or anything But when you're sitting there exposed while stopped, and someone is approaching from behind quickly, it's better to protect yourself from what may have happened rather than regret it later after you've been hit.

I wear a jacket with high viz yellow. There's high viz yellow on my helmet as well. My integrated stop/tail/turn signals are LED. When I brake, the brake light will flash rapidly 3 times before going solid. Sometimes when I stop and someone is approaching from behind I'll squeeze the brake lever a few times to get the light flashing. Especially when I can see they're looking at their phone instead of the road. That seems to help too - but I'm also getting ready to move just in case!


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Unfortunately lane filtering is illegal for motorcycles in PA. So is splitting, but I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that until it was legal long enough for car drivers to get used to it. Splitting & filtering are both legal in CA and have been forever. Filtering will be legal in UT soon. I think a few other states are discussing making filtering legal as well.

Filtering protects anyone on two wheels from getting hit from behind and also helps ease traffic congestion.


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I don't recall that Dave was driving the bus. Or that he gave the order for this lone bus driver, who was on the bus alone at the time of the incident, to do this.

"As part of a legal settlement, the band agreed to pay $200,000 to environmental protection and other projects. The band also donated $100,000 to two groups that protect the river and the surrounding area.[1] The band's bus driver, Stefan Wohl, pleaded guilty to dumping the waste in April 2005.[2]"

"On Sunday, August 8, 2004, at 1:18 p.m.,[6] Wohl was alone in Tinsley's bus and driving to a downtown hotel when he emptied the bus' blackwater tank as it crossed the metal grates of the Kinzie Street bridge.[7]"

This is why it is important to read beyond the headlines.


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Reply to comment by BurghPuppies in Viewing homes in the area by Ar30la

It's for sure not something that's very common. I've seen it in older homes in Wisconsin...but it's still kind of a rarity. If a basement toilet were to back up and overflow you wouldn't have to worry about any of that getting on stuff that's sitting on that ledge.