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Aluminum fatigues with every stress cycle, getting more brittle until it just snaps. Steel is much more ductile, meaning as long as its max strain loads aren't exceeded that repeated stress won't fatigue the metal at all. You can drive aluminum for a long time, sure, but eventually it will just snap. Steel won't ever just snap from cyclical loading.


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No, carbon frames and aluminum frames wear out with use and eventually break. Steel doesn't. You have to make sure to keep it painted so that surface rust doesn't go through the frame, but in terms of long term durability no other bike is close. I mean, I'm riding my mother's old college bike from the 70s several times a week, and it's still in perfect shape. Try that shit with carbon.


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They're all in NoVA or Maryland, DC only has one rink and it's a complete joke with zero adult hockey programming. But if you'll have a car it's more than doable. The best option will depend greatly on where in the region you'll be staying.


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Carrying a gun around creates an elevated risk of harm to everyone in the vicinity. A latent threat of violence is still harmful to a peaceful society, even if that threat is not ultimately acted upon.

Carrying something whose primary intended use is to kill other human beings without overwhelming need is something that a functional society quite justly punishes. Just say you're afraid of black people.


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I live EotR, bro. Note the Marshall Heights flair? And I'm not talking about where I would picnic, I'm saying that's where a lot of people do picnic. Anacostia park is beautiful and I bike the ART multiple times a week during good weather (remember when we used to have daylight?) But if you go to Hanes Point, there are a huge number of people who picnic there, and have been picnicking there for years. Are you going to tell them that they can't, and that they should stick to their own park on the other side of the river?