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It's nice to live in a small town, in a small country, where everything is small. My commute is 10 minutes by car, with zero congestion. Or in the summertime, 6 minutes by motorcycle. Speeding? Me? Why, I never.

But yeah, capitalism is a shithole that has been completely taken over by the rich. They've even taken over the legislative machine openly; Chevron recently successfully prosecuted and jailed a lawyer for annoying them. Yes, Chevron. Not the US. Chevron bought the whole prosecution and paid the lawyers and judge, and the SCOTUS just upheld that.

Clearly, since Rat-tner is familiar with Keynes and his predictions that we'd work way less with the same productivity, he's knowingly screwing everybody. Because 90% of all jobs are bullshit, that exist only to service the consumption machine. We may consume more than ever, but people sure aren't happy, and they're stressed out of their minds. In America, literally; the amount of mass shootings is in the thousands.

So yeah, it's capitalism or us, and capitalism is winning.


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Last I checked, and it wasn't that long ago, we were still adding fossil fuel burning over and above what we were burning before.

Renewables just get layered on top and do help lower how much we add fossil fuel, but... we need to be crash weaning ourselves off fossil fuels, not just adding less but still adding.

Coal should be gone by now. It kills thousands in the US alone from the pollution, god knows how many worldwide.


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Any decent amp; FiiO may be a Chifi brand but their K7 amp should be great for this, THX AAA amp in there and enough power to drive just about anything. Or indeed the K9 Pro or K9 ESS but that may be overkill, but then again so are these cans. :)



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Putting a sign on the door that says "Women" doesn't have any actual laws and regs behind it.

In fact, I always try to use women's restrooms myself if they're single occupancy obviously... I don't go into big ones with stalls. Why single occupancy ones, though? Because the chances that there will be piss on the ceiling, walls, seat and floor go down slightly vs men's public restrooms, where all that is guaranteed.

In this case, the issue is that the guy is a voyeuristic perv lowlife and thus banned from being exactly that.


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The difference between a $180 and $1800 pair is not that big. The $180 set gets you like 95%, the hyper expensive shit gets you 5% on top, or some such. Furthermore, high price doesn't have to mean anything except that it's priced high. It doesn't have to be that great just because it costs.

If you want a good set, pick up a FiiO K5 Pro, or a FiiO K7 for amp, and then a pair of Sennheiser HD58X Jubilee off Drop dot com. That will still run you over $300 for the set but I'd be shocked if you were displeased. Disclaimer: I have the HD58X myself so I'm biased af.


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Same. From here, you're just chasing diminishing returns. I'm sure I could find something slightly nicer for like a thousand bucks, but I'd rather have the thousand bucks and enjoy the awesome sound quality.


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Honestly, this isn't basic bitch anymore, this is way better than the vast majority of humanity does. This is pretty solid upper mid range.

I should upgrade my headphone amp. The FiiO K7 looks killer.


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Very nice, congrats. I have the HD58X and a FiiO amp but it sounds brilliant as well. Have some family visiting and time off so I want to stay up late; been using my setup a lot at night and it just never gets old.

In case you want to tailor the sound a little, there's always Equalizer APO (amazing bit of software) and the Peace frontend makes it easier to use, - you can save and import profiles and such, and more easily dial in frequencies. I like to basically just boost the 10-80 Hz ranges to give the headphones that little extra body to the sound.

This is a system-wide equalizer so it affects everything you play and is kind of set it and forget it.

You can also have a separate profile for speakers, and swap between the presets with hotkeys.


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Modern slavery is a capitalism issue. Not a renewable energy issue.

There are even slaves in America; as soon as you're convicted of a crime, it's a-ok legal to enslave you, and enslave they do in prisons.

In the rest of the world, a number I saw a while back was 27 million actual coerced slaves (in addition to the billions of wage slaves that are financially enslaved) but that number has probably swelled considerably since then.

Capitalism and competition, such a swell way to organize a society.


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Robots and technology aren't the enemy.

Having jobs and being forced into wage slavery to survive is the enemy.

Our entire approach to society building, ie competition and capitalism, is just warped, and most people can't seem to see that at all.

Why don't we just jointly own the robots and let them do the scut work, and we can then kick back on the beach while the robot butler brings us cold drinks?


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The quality with LDAC or even AptX HD is basically indistinguishable from cable.

Sure, there's compression, but LDAC for instance is 900 kbit, and that's roughly where a FLAC is, and FLAC can do lossless at those bitrates.

Bluetooth isn't just one thing, it can encompass multiple technologies to transmit the data, with varying fidelity.

Small wireless earbuds have gotten markedly better, but they still have to cram in tiny amplifiers, batteries as well as wireless transmitters into something that can fit in your ear. Some models have a fair amount of hiss at rest because the amps are driven so damned hard, and hiss annoys the shit out of me. You won't get that with a high quality unit like the Qudelix or the FiiO BTR5 I use, and in my opinion when people start saying how shit Bluetooth is, they're confused as to where the problem lies; it's not the wireless transmission, it's the shit gear they have in their ears.

Phone amps are also often pretty shitty and low quality. I'd argue that the great amp in the 5k is more important than avoiding wireless.