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There's clearly something going on. Perhaps the military contractors are looking for something to replace the endless middle east wars? I'm 100% sure there are people in this sub more than willing to amplify the rhetoric. The US space program grew out of military missile programs, starting with von Braun, and continuing to this day through Boeing. Boeing itself bloated to its current dominance by buying up McDonnell Douglas‎, North American Aviation‎, Rocketdyne, Hughes Aircraft Company, Hawker De Havilland Aerospace, and a couple dozen more.


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You've touched on something important, though. Who defines what "success" means? If your definition of success is "what people who have a lot of money say is success", and "having a lot of money" is a marker for being in the class of "successful" people, then yes.

People whose lives align with the definition of success will certainly be more likely to succeed. But at some point we've hit a circularity, where success is defined as what successful people achieve.