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Indigenous peoples of North America moved around a lot and were really economically, technologically, and socially sophisticated. Pretty much every tribal nation is less than 300 years old and is descended from people from a totally different region. But the aboriginal Australians believe their ancestors lived on the exact same piece of land continuously for 40,000 years with no change in lifestyle or culture. It was punishable by death (spearing) to trespass on another tribes land unless you can prove you're not a trespasser by singing the songline that tells the story of your ancestor totem passing through the country in the dreamtime. They're fundamentally opposed to humans taking advantage of natural resources and building things because people grow out of the land like plants. People migrating is like uprooting a tree.

From the perspective of an American/Canadian, the things aboriginal Australians say about their own culture sounds like the racist myths told in North America about the natives. They also have the one drop rule in Australia, but they get mad if you call it that.


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The probability that an extinction-sized asteroid will hit in the next 100 years are infinitesimally small. We already mapped out all the large asteroids in the solar system. NASA is actually worried about asteroids big enough to vaporize one city, because they're so numerous and hard to see.