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They would fuck themselves blind to own the Libs. They are poisoned. Decades of Rush and AM hate radio and nonstop Fox propaganda. Trump spoke and they bought the entire boatload of hate and deceit. Think of what would be great for Putin. Sounds a lot like the Republican Party platform. If Biden lost, Ukraine would be toast.


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Still got away with murder. Corbett let them run wild with no severance tax to the state. Only an impact fee to the counties. Problems are going to come and already this company was sold as it will be again and again. Think of all the money coal companies had to pay to clean up the mess. Good one. They paid zero.


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I remember the Trump installed Supreme Court appointees saying roe vs wade was something they would not attack. They lied right to your face. Mastriano will still work the sewers and he’s an elected Pa state senator. The work is not done. They are not going away. We must end them, because we were told before to “not worry” about the lunatics.


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We all remember Hillary refused to concede. Then she sad the election was rigged and called her Proud Boys and other thugs to the Capitol. And tried to get her VP running mate hung at the gallows her mob set up. Cops died. The people inside smeared shit on the walls as they looked for Democrats to kill. Then she tried to go to the Capitol to personally run the coup attempt. Enough?


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Democracy dies. That’s what happens. They figure power in their hands trumps elections. Evil walks. It lives next door. Across the street. Down the road. They have nothing but lies and hatred to give. They applaud Mr. Pelosi being attacked with a hammer in his HOME. That’s who they are, and what they represent.