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Caledonian Sleeper




Welsh and Borders, now TFW

All nationalised since that article was produced. That's 6 operators out of 28 or 21%

I think 21% is enough to say that the article is now factually inaccurate.

Best not to talk bollocks about something you don't understand.


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Despite the fact he decimated the UKs armed forces, cut tank order and jet orders meaning we don't have any equipment to send to Ukraine.

The guy is a self serving charlatan that has tied himself to this conflict only for the betterment of himself.

He blamed the initial invasion of Crimea in 2014 on the European Union, not Russia. It suited him to blame the EU then so he did

He is also circling the leadership in his party in case he fancies another go. If he pressures the PM to do something stupid and it blows up in his face, that is his ideal situation