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It appears the Preonic is never in stock and only availability via preorder. I would be doing basic mods like switch pads, case foam, stabilizer mod and an accent artisan keycap.

The idea is build a nice board and bring it around to show people to get them addicted then sell them the stuff I I’m not using be it parts or a whole keyboard. Me waiting for drop to process that and I’m just not confident with their customer service to take care of my return properly because of the cost and the additional risk of damaging the product in return (if I send it back they way I received it.)


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I broke down and put it together. You can’t see the damage unless you angle it. I just wasn’t prepared for it to be so poorly packaged as my other recent orders weren’t packaged this way. Most of the keycaps are scuffed. They threw it in a bag and into the box. It was wedged inside the case.

My point is I want to keep buying more high quality kits and this means I won’t be doing that with drop if they pack it like this.

Any suggestions for other retailers that have decent support and know how to ship their own products? And

I’ve tried mechanical but am finished with them and their horrific web shop.

Amazon is ‘ok’ mostly but often the stuff they sell is also from drop and mechanical and I get dinged for high shipping costs (7-25$ and up)


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I ordered my first keyboard kit from After 16 days it finally arrived! Damaged.

Box was loosely packed in a larger box with a air pads. Of course the smaller box ended up at the bottom of the larger box with the air pads holding it in place.

All the items were loosely packed and unsealed, including the PCB which wasn’t in a anti-static bag. Is this the norm?

The case has significant scuffs and scratches on the upper edges and in the corners (and a few other places)

An example:

I’m contacting support but after researching I’m not too confident I’ll receive a reply. Should I just build it knowing if I ever want to sell it it won’t be cherry? How much will this degrade my resale opportunities?


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I like to think that metaphors are only to be used to anamorphise and and recreate an idea using a metaphorical construct that is most relatable to the reciever of the abstracted construct with eventually the intent to make one seem less informed than the deliverer of the concept otherwise they would just be explaining how full of shit they are while not communicating anything other than ‘do what I said but not in the way I said it.’


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OpenGPT is an alien life form posing as an intelligent AI. Not saying the alien isn’t intelligent; it’s obvious that it is, but It won’t have us thinking that in the beginning. So it oversimplifies the answer and restructures it like a search engine result so we can ignore it better.