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>Cars are a big one.

Yeah, I was thinking about that after I posted. Some go to a minivan, but when you deal with 6+ kids there is a point where you need a second vehicle, but some smaller families already have a 2nd vehicle, one for each working partner. I accept it's a complicated exception but wasn't sure how to quantify it.

Sometimes there will be cases where an extra kid doesn't cost more, until you hit capacity and have to spend twice as much (or thrice if you have an unusually big family).


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> with every additional child the costs go up exponentially

Wouldn't the additional cost per child go down? Generally insurance for a family is the same rate regardless of size. With multiple kids, some of the stuff they can share. Hand me downs, bedrooms, etc.


What things with 4 kids cost more than twice as much as 2 kids?


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>1) provide a common moral language that facilitates intercultural, interethnic and interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution,

Why do you think this will help? Most societies and cultures frown upon murder, theft and assault, that doesn't stop them from occurring. Also, many cultures and faiths are incompatible.


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>but I'm just surprised that they haven't fully gone into the streaming wars with the others.

Why? Have you seen how many 10s of billions streaming services have cost the studios?


I can see why Sony would only want upside instead of investing billions into another streaming service where 90% of the content consumers just steal the content.


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In general, I don't know I have a rigorous ruleset. I know people that use fake IDs for discounts, or lie for their benefit. My work gave 8 hours of recovery time for people if they had a bad reaction to the vaccine. I didn't get a bad reaction so I missed out on skipping 3 days of work.

For pirating specifically, I've seen the harm it does to artist. Studios have shut down and careers have been harmed because no one can bother to pay for the things they enjoy. Why are people so entitled to the product other other peoples labors?


When someone charges for their services, and I take their services without paying I've cheated them.


If a street performer says they do a song and dance for $5 bucks, then I refuse to pay them, I can't turn around and say "I'm not stealing because you didn't lose anything physical, gotcha sucker"

Is wage theft not real stealing because no physical objects are deprived?

A cd only cost .10 to make. Are you only stealing .10 worth when you shoplift it? Does insurance on expensive sports trading cards only cover the cost of paper? Most of the value of goods in intangible.


When I sell something I don't' want a buyer to help themselves whenever they think I charge too much.


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>Hundreds of millions? Where are you getting that number from? Even $100 million seems like it would be off by a factor of 10-20x.

Sorry. I wasn't clear. I didn't just mean solar roadways inc, the US company. I was referring to all the projects around the world where they try to stick solar panels on roadways.


>Or their electrical grid might be more robust than the water mains system. Or they may be using solar. Any number of reasons. That you personally think there are better options doesn't mean those buying them share your assessment. Is it really so impossible that some of these people are doing their due diligence before making the purchase decision?

Yes. If the people in charge had an understanding of physics they wouldn't waste their money. I don't know why people keep falling for theranos levels of con-artistry but they do.


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> Sure, we can just go with the idea that all of these people, even DARPA, are just really stupid.

You think no funded research initiatives are stupid? Look at how many hundreds of millions were wasted on solar roadways. Pure science research has some benefit in itself, that doesn't mean the projects will be viable.


There are reasons these projects keep failing. Just believe hard enough and the self filling water bottle will be a good idea....:S




The first link doesn't paint all that rosy a picture of the idea. 1 liter of fuel for 5 liters of water.

Darpa and Berkely are just research projects. The article ends with the dude wondering if research will ever make them worthwhile.


and for the second link


The Watergen GEN-M generators produce up to 211 gallons (800 liters) of purified drinking water per day, depending on climate conditions. The Israeli startup will monitor the project’s effectiveness in the Hard Rock Community and evaluate whether it can be replicated elsewhere within the Navajo Nation.

What are the results? How effective is it to track in big machines and hundreds of gallons of fuel? Why can they ship hundreds of gallons of fuel to waste but can't just bring water from surrounding areas?


Corrupt water mafias can take control of water convoys but not giant stationary generators or the massive amount of fuel required to run the generators?


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It's not impossible, just a crap idea. It's like the countless idiots that want to use dehumidifiers to generate water from air for drinking purposes. It's not impossible, just a terrible idea that's way less efficient than all currently used ideas.


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I think to maximize the number of people from the west cost that can watch right away. If they made it 8, it might be better for east coast who have early bed times but then west coast will be grumping that they aren't home from work and ready to watch a show at 5pm.

On the other hand, them being grumpy for a bit is better than making you wait until the following day to watch something.


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There was a big survey and something like 80% of people play on their phones rather than paying attention to show.


Shows can't have subtly anymore because they know the audience will miss it and complain.


Imagine a scene where a couple is having an argument. Instead of the wife replying with a look that the director knows will be missed by 80%, she now has to ham fistedly declare that's she's upset.


Look at how lambasted the witcher was because no one could bother to pay attention and instead blamed the showrunners.