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This is not a new or novel solution and these have been used in industry for some time now.

Entire utility scale solutions exist such as a facility in China which has a 100 MW model. Compared to Lithium based batteries, flow batteries suffer from low energy density and low charge/discharge rates.

Here's their argument for flow batteries:

> With lithium-ion, the power and energy are fused together in a single package. If you want to have longer duration lithium above four hours [discharge duration] you’re basically buying power capacity you don’t need, that’s redundant

> -Lockheed Martin business development director Roger Jenkins

Which, if you know anything about batteries, is the dumbest excuse imaginable. This is likely simply to not rely on foreign suppliers of necessary metals and that makes more sense than purposely using an inferior technology because the current stuff is too capable.


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One of the next lines is that she shouldn't have left him stop her. So you'd have to question whether she'd be physically capable of preventing him from stopping her or if she was referring to she shouldn't have let the thought of him stop her.

If it's the thought of Ralph then both sentences would make more sense.