crrieger t1_iy8ci5v wrote

A podcast isn't a person that you connect with on a tangible level. People are right, it's a weak substitute for genuine interactions and likely makes us lonelier in the long run as our ability to have in-person connections atrophies. I can hear them talk, but no one hears me.

I realized I was doing this awhile back as my job has very little need for me to talk to a person face-to-face. I email or text most things whenever possible to avoid interacting in person. Podcasts and audio books filled the gap for awhile, but now I just sit in silence most of the day.

Some of us simply don't have the wiring to hae actual friends. Podcasts and audiobooks are marginally better than facing rejection when we try to "put ourselves out there." At least a podcast doesn't tell you to go away.