cruelhumor t1_j9tmqt3 wrote

Stories like this always come to mind when I read articles about how prosecutors don't prosecute "minor crimes" because they are "too understaffed" or "underfunded". Or when I read articles about how the police don't bother pursuing things like package theft or home break-ins where the items stolen don't exceed a certain amount for the same reasons.

Part of me thinks it's a load of crap and they're just lazy


cruelhumor t1_j6baros wrote

So... the answer is that we can't solve ALL the problems, so we shouldn't even try? Is there a chance that a paying customer could attack you? Sure. Is that probability higher if you encourage people to gather on the trains and platforms for reasons other than their intended purpose? Absolutely.

If I can't regularly use a system for it's intended purpose (getting from point A to point B without being attacked, stepping in excrement, or arriving at my location reeking of weed) then that is a problem.

We need to fund other city services, that is the reality, and it is unfair to expect those of us that have to rely on SETA to pay for the fact that no one wants to fix those other programs. SEPTA is not a free public toilet, ashtray or homeless shelter, it's my only way to get to work, make money, and pay taxes. Respect the Ride.