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It’s like the poly butylene pipes from the 70s. People claim Pex is better and without those problems but who knows what we’ll find out in another 15 years.

Edit because people think I’m saying it’s as bad as poly b - I’m not. I’m just wondering if there will be additional longevity problems with pex that will keep it from being in century homes.


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Let’s be real. This is a result of compromises by both parties. The idea of defunding the police was supposed to lead to increasing mental health, rehab, and housing projects. Instead we’re left with demoralized police and people that need help that are left to rot on the street. Not saying that there isn’t anything done for them but the homeless are being used as political puppets on a national stage. Fuck the politicians on both sides of the aisle and fuck Adams.


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This one looks like a mobile charger that they could just unplug and stow in their trunk. Probably just hooked up to a normal 120v outlet that they ran to an outdoor receptacle. Nothing really special here that someone couldn’t remove/close up before bad weather.