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I think some things do need to be licensed such as electricians and plumbing. Mistakes are too costly for owners or insurers.

But beyond basic hygiene class I don't think barbers or beauticians need to be licensed.


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Whatever the current population is at that tech level.

For example. Zombies wipe out 90% of humanity. Well we're back at locomotive and sailing ships based on the population of that era.

Some of the simpler high tech stuff or knowledge may survive ( such as knowing about sterility for surgery, electric motors, wind power ) but other stuff just can't be done.


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No they weren't in most cases. It was an accidental side effect of how they were built and subsequent wear. The floors used a metal clip to hold down the boards and these were nailed into the runners. Over time the nails would loosen slightly allowing the metal clip to squeak.

Later on people liked the sound and found out how to reproduce the effect. The whole anti-assasin reasoning was added later.


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The biggest protein negative is red meat ( pork is considered red meat ) as it's inflammatory. The same isnt true of fish or poultry. Of course farming these has their own issues as well.

You can buy whey protein produced by modified bacteria now