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I'm not sure I agree. There are a large number of Americans who would become active domestic terrorists under an actual authoritarian fascist government.

It is not just the far right who are amassing firepower.

Politicians go down with one bullet just like anyone else. Piss off the majority of Americans and it will explode into civil war, and then politicians become legitimate targets of that war.


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There will come a time, I fear in my lifetime, when life will get to the point where it sucks badly enough for all normal Americans that votes will cease to be the primary method for driving political change, and that worries me.

I really don't want to experience the next US civil war, but I don't doubt it's coming.


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He told me that he didn't have the exact range, but that he had placed 2 people already who were already working at similar titled positions. I figured it was worth the swing with that assurance, and in the end I got burned by it.


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Even if it resulted in a HUGE pay cut? I interviewed for a senior admin role there last year, and after the recruiter insisted they were paying slightly above market rates, the top of the salary range was 40,000 dollars less than I was already making.


cryospam t1_izfnd8a wrote

That's because they pay way less than market rates. I interviewed for one of their senior admin roles that the recruiter insisted was paying market rates. I'm making slightly below market rates now, and it was 40k less in salary than I already make.

This isn't news, and frankly it doesn't matter which recruiters they hire to fill those roles, they pays shit so they won't get anyone.