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I don't mind EWR at all, but this was a major oversight to not connect the AirTrain to new Terminal A. And I don't know what airports you are talking about, but none of the ones I have been to have TSA as soon as you walk in.


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The Port Authority spent 2.7 Billion dollars for a new Terminal A, yet did not include an AirTrain connection. It’s either a long walk from the station to the terminal, or a shuttle bus. Real fun with luggage. And unnecessary extra time for your trip.

The red line shows schematically how short of a rail connection it would have been. I think I read that they didn't do a connection now because they are replacing the entire AirTrain system. But that’s no comfort for all the passengers stuck with this situation for several more years. An unbelievably short-sighted design.


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Choose the money. Undergraduate reputation means very little in most cases, and in this case will mean nothing. What you do as an undergrad is what's important, not the name of the school on your diploma.