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I'm glad to see that's a reflection on the coffee's surface because I was beginning to wonder whose essence was floating on top.


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Numb3rs S1E11 "Sacrifice" covered this. >!Based on the zip code where a person was born and raised could determine their chances of success. Zip codes fostering those with low chances of success could have their public funds redirected to zip codes containing persons seen as having a greater chance of success.!<


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True. I climbed it. (Actually, I walked right up like climbing a mall's stationary escalator. Easy, NBD. Then I turned around and saw the steps from the top. I looked around and took a bunch of pictures. Then I eventually got my nerves together and descended by scooting down on my butt… one step at a time.) I even bought the CD of pictures the guide took of me there.

So, yeah, not so sacred, but I do see how people could get hurt.


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In my experience (not a vet, cat sitter of 15+ years) the yowling is probably from the deafness, and to a lesser extent, the dementia.

Has her activity level changed?

Does she exhibit any signs of physical pain or distress?

Is she grooming herself?

Has your vet suggested anything like Zofran or Cerenia for the nausea?

How's her appetite? Does she stay sufficiently hydrated? (drinks enough water)

Is she eliminating and urinating normally? Does the output look normal.

What behavioral meds have you tried?

If you have the means and it won't unduly stress out your cat, then the bloodwork could help figure out what's going on with her.

While many say 17 years is a long life for a cat (it is) many of my own cats and those in my care have reached 20 and beyond. If your cat has an issue that might be a be easily remedied and allows her to have some more happy and pain-free time, then why not look a little longer for non-heroic options before considering saying goodbye?

My 2¢.