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If youre near flemington, there is a climbing gym(gravity vault), a brewery(Conclave Brewing) and a gun range(tatical training center) and a bbq spot (porkchops) all within walking distance to each other.


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There are dangers such as rapid spreading of EFB and AFB between hives and other apiaries. 26 colonies is a lot, hes likely feeding them because in a suburb there is likely not enough natural food stores. Bees from strong colonies are known to rob other hives of their honey.


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Wouldn't be the Garden State without the bees. Welcome to NJ.

There are limits in place yes. Hes likely over them by his own description. Its up to you if you want to be that neighbor who calls. What do you think will happen to the bees if hes over the limit?

Also, fertilizer/pesticides are nothing new, most don't effect honey bees. If the bees are poisoned its likely they will die before impacting the honey in volume that would pose a risk. Any honey or produce for that matter has the same potential issues. Do you know where the honey comes from when you buy it off the shelf? He wouldn't be able to legally sell the honey without a cottage food permit.


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How do you know there are 26 hives? Did you count the boxes? 26 boxes doesn't necessarily mean 26 colonies. What are you most concerned about? Honeybees pushing out non-natives? Killing them with the mower? The beekeeper running a commercial operations? I know there are technically limits, but he may be within them and you wouldnt know until the nj state apiarist comes by and counts. Then you have a pissed off neighbor. Just ask for a bunch of honey and mow at dusk when the bees are back in the box. source: i am a beekeeper, its selfless work honestly.