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In 1989, German-French dance-pop group Milli Vanilli was on top of the world. The band had released its North American debut album, "Girl You Know It's True," which climbed the Billboard charts and went six-times platinum. The success also earned the group its first Grammy Award nomination and win for "Best New Artist" the following year.

However, one Connecticut concert was all it took to shatter the phenomenon of Milli Vanilli.On July 21, 1989, the group was set to perform live on MTV at Lake Compounce at the newly-opened amphitheater at the park, which could hold 20,000 fans. As the group took the stage to perform its seminal hit, "Girl You Know It's True," an issue with a hard drive caused the backing tracks to skip, jump and repeat — exposing that Milli Vanilli had actually been lip-syncing the song.