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Great question. There is some evidence around the probiotic VSL no. 3, which consists of 8 different probiotic bacteria. Some small clinical trials have suggested this probiotic helps prevent pouchitis in adult patients, although further larger studies are needed to better assess the probiotics efficacy.

There is also evidence for other probiotics such as: the De Simone Formulation, Bifidobacterium longum, Clostridium butyricum MIYAIRI. However, keep in mind many of these studies are done on very low amounts of individuals. So it is best to wait for studies with larger amounts of people before we can say for sure that these probiotics prevent pouchitis.

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Hi /u/PeanutSalsa,
Great question. There is definitely a mix of factors driving this increasing frequency of gluten allergies.

One theory is that the increase in the prevalence of gluten allergy is due to changes in the wheat that is grown today.

Another theory is that the increase in gluten allergies is due to the increased consumption of processed foods that contain gluten. For example, we see a much higher level of gluten allergy in Asian immigrants in the west. Before moving to the west, many people's diets consisted of much less gluten. It is therefore possible that the high level of gluten in the Standard American Diet is not compatible with many people's bodies.

Lastly, as with many diseases like cancer and autism, we have simply gotten better at diagnosing things and see them for what they are. So it may not be that there's a growing amount of the allergy, but that we are simply better at detecting it.

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