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Did door to door fundraising, and this was part of the pitch. Put the tablet with our little slideshow of the nonprofit and the issues into the person’s hand, wait for them to stop swiping, and then hit them with the ask.

Problem is, most people didn’t know it was a slideshow (and the script didn’t mention it), and it’s not like they get to buy/keep it, so it really didn’t incentivize anyone to join the cause. But the higher ups definitely took their notes from Cutco and the like


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>Intelligence does not do that. Intelligence knows enough to not give any answer, that it doesn't know the answer, or is able to reason the answer in the absence of all training data. In fact, "innovation", a major part of intelligence, is entirely outside the bounds of all such "training data" (i.e acquired experience).

Don’t ask me why, but my mind went right to the Intelligence AI from Team America