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Milford is awesome. I lived near Newtown in Bethel and it was a little too sleepy for me. Milford feels more vibrant if that makes sense. And friendlier. Also being near New Haven is a HUGE plus. So much culture, entertainment, food, cool areas to walk.


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East Rock or Westville in New Haven. Maybe Wooster Square if you can find a condo in your budget.

I’d also look at suburbs.

If you don’t need good schools, West Shore area of West Haven is a great value and nice and safe. Basically the shoreline area of West Haven that abuts Woodmont in Milford. Lot of bang for buck (besides the schools).

I’d also look at Milford and Branford, great towns. Wallingford is worth considering too. Hamden taxes are a little crazy so I’d avoid.

Seymour is a really good value if you don’t mind a little extra commute.