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All of my BF’s friends are toxic AF. But they are from childhood and he won’t let them go. Wish that would change but honestly it’s one of the reasons I think I will make a change at some point. I don’t want those people in my life.

(Liars, cheaters, one of them is Mexican but racist towards black people and pretty much conspiracy theorists all around.) My bf isn’t like that, but of course no one escapes unscathed.


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Yes, I have a similar story. So, my mom and I lived on a 1950’s cruise ship that was in repairs, as a venture to bring technology to Third World countries and the Captain of the ship was from Iran. She was invited to travel to the Middle East by him back in 1989. Fortunately she knew better and made sure that he was clear she would be going nowhere near there! He tried to persuade my very gorgeous, leggy, blonde mom for months! Lol we know how that would have ended.

Truly makes me wonder how many women have been trapped over there as sex slaves by nefarious men? Makes my stomach turn.

As an aside, if anyone is interested, this is the ship we lived on. It was the first ship made out of Germany after the war and the ship featured in the James Bond movie, From Russia With Love. Jeraldine Saunders who wrote the book, The Love Boat was inspired by her time on the vessel. It is the last of its kind. The rest of these ships from this era have been turned into razor blades and scrap metal etc.


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This is insane! “I wrote last year about a young man whose family initially got hit with the full cost of the air ambulance – a whopping $58,000 – after he was involved in a motorcycle crash. Even after the health insurance company paid $15,000, the young man still had to pay $43,000.” Seems like it’s almost not worth it to be airlifted unless you’re definitely gonna die otherwise! Yikes.