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I got pulled for that a few years ago and the cop just let me off with speeding. If they didn’t tell you it was reckless then it’s just for speeding


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I thought it was a little longer than really needed, but the scary parts were indeed scary. The overall storyline and hidden meanings have definitely stuck with me since then though, so I'd say it was worth seeing.


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I have Elephant and mine also jumped up about $30/month during renewal for next year. I compared with Geico and it was about the same amount. I think they raised the minimum liability required for VA and that's what the adjustment's for


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that's how I was watching Welcome to Plathville - when the kids started rebelling against their parents' beliefs, the parents separated and the mom started drinking I was amused


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ugh. the mail in my neighborhood is always hit or miss. we went 2 weeks a few months ago where we didn't receive any mail. when I reported it the post office replied they were short handed and that was the end of that. I also made a claim for a package that was "delivered" and it was never resolved. good luck haha