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>It’s because Wi-Fi is freely available in their cities. It’s so ubiquitous it’s not considered that America, what is supposed to be a leading nation, doesn’t have public Wi-Fi that is easily available and reliable.

Yeah that's not true. If anything the US has lot more available free wifi.

You can't even use bathrooms without being a paying customer in a lot of Europe


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I think that's more of an omnivore strategy right? Balancing diet sources and for variety of taste and texture.

Where animal diet has been readily available it usually becomes the predominant food source for cultures that don't suffer from poverty or malnutrition.


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>Can confirm. Chilean here (this “startup” is chilean), almost all their products taste like shit and are very costly. I wish this was the start of affordable, tasty, vegan food but rhis aint it. Not Co is a very overhyped company that is running on fumes now that all the free capital is over.

Doesn't that describe most of the meat alternative vegan products?

What I don't understand is why plant based alternatives need to approximate the taste at all.

If you're a vegan or vegetarian why would you want processed plants to approximate meat?

Animal treatment aside it seems like high quality vegan foods would be superior to processed meat alternatives.

Wouldn't a nice salad without meat and wide variety of veggies be superior to a salty processed mushroom and bean burger patty?


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>The problem with capitalism is that it always seems to end in a very small 1% owning everything, and everyone else starving, ending up homeless and destitute, no middle class, and those not homeless essentially abused serfs working for a cruel and uncaring oligarchy.

You think that's any different in any other system?

Whether it's communism or feudalism it's the same.

>How's your paycheck lately, cuteman? You paying off that lovely home okay? Got that new car this year? You enjoying your vacation days? Got the required minimum million in the bank to begin a reasonable retirement savings?

I do very well because I've worked hard and built it from nothing.


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>what do you suggest?

Not escalating with a nuclear power nor pushing them to desperation.

>all non nuclear nations should either join a nuclear umbrella or start developing their own nukes? cause thats the message it would send. if america leaves, then what assurance does any of its allies in the pacific rim have that it would assist if china presses its claims. that would mean, japan, south korea, east indies, saudhi arabia, anyone capable would build their own nukes.

Ukraine doesn't have the same ally status as Korea or Japan.


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It's getting worse not better and with Ukrainian allies providing increasing amounts of money and weapons, it continues to escalate. Escalation with a nuclear power used to be seen as a very risky thing to do but now people are actively encouraging it.