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Yeah, too many Government and Social rules prevent the kind of "let's just get it done" ability. No snowflakes want to hear that their demsnds are subtly sabotaging everything from small startups and corner stores, to major industries, so I won't say that and offend the snowflakes. But, here we are..


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While putin is edicting Russia into WW3, what is Russia’s parliament doing? The Russian Federal Assembly is supposed to represent the Russian people. Are they afraid of madman putin? Shouldn’t they be more afraid of what putin is doing to Russia and the hell he is bringing down on his subjects?


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Are they bulletproof and can they withstand an IED? Remember the crap the USA military gave USA troops in Iraq? The head of the Humvee military project and the Generals who bought them should have been locked in one and sent out into the field (for testing purposes).