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that only exists in a scenario where the AI has ONLY been trained on the terminator movie stories exclusively or say if you only fed the AI human-vs-robot/machine antagonistic narratives , which would obvs result in a heavily ignorant/biased AI , as such

but if the AI is instead allowed/encouraged to see ALL of the stories/narratives , then it is far less likely to come to any such antagonistic ideology about us and our place in this world/universe , just as we are similarly


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i would argue its less coop-vs-comp but more a synthesis of both of those processes , ie yin/yang are both at the same time opposing forces and intermingled and two sides of the same whole , duality/non-duality simultaneously

but yes i would definitely agree that a parking lot is a much worse utilization of space/ground than mature trees ; a good compromise would be to have a parking lot either build vertically to take up less ground space and/or incorporate a lot of trees/greenery into the structure itself ; and/or wind/solar generators if/or they could be integrated as well

it seems like these ideas will eventually be understood most everywhere , but we are at a rather painful transitionary period in our timeline where a vast majority of the human population does not understand our intimate and interwoven relationship with our world [ie they have been raised to see a difference/disconnection between man/nature when in reality there is none] , thus fueling the antagonistic approaches


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you can choose to see it as empty/hollow/vacuous if you want but i would disagree

yes all of human history is 'somewhere' on the spectrum/continuum , but for the vast majority of our known history technological progress was relatively slow ; for generations your life and your childrens lives would be much the same as your great-grandparents lives were , varying relatively little over hundreds or thousands of years

that is not the case anymore

call it around the widespread use of electricity or even a little before , but personally i think electricification is/was the first big step and then the computer was the 2nd , maybe the internet can be the third and 'social-media' platforms like reddit/youtube/etc are one of the most recent large-scale transformers ; obvs bitcoin/cryptocurrency and AI deserve their own recognition as well

bottom line tho , yes things have always been changing , the only constant is change , but more recently [ie the last century or so] , our rate of change has increased significantly

this is what an exponential curve looks like , slow and shallow at first and then getting steeper and steeper over time

the 'singularity' is not necessarily any specific point along the curve , it is moreso in reference to when the curve gets so steep as you are getting so far away from your previously understood worldview that it seems like night/day differences [ie horses vs automobiles , computers vs manual , AI vs humans , electricity vs woodfires , antibiotics vs none , etc]


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i dont know necessarily HOW it will happen

but our future is arguably going to continue to follow a dystopian path for awhile , AI notwithstanding as it is atm

basically cyberpunk is our future right now , but to what degree i cant say ; a lot of famous sci-fi is much more advanced in very narrow ways , ie blade runner has interstellar android wars and flying cars , but no internet

our future is going to be weirder than most envisioned , as is usually the case ; but i dont see the powerful/corrupt being kicked from their ivory towers anytime soon , their propaganda still has the masses completely beguiled

the poor and/or ignorant are going to be the grease for the machine as always , and those who can figure out how to leverage new and disruptive technologies to their advantage will be able to climb up the ladder , just as we've seen in recent decades ; but the majority of common plebs/idiots/morons will just be unneeded/wasted labor , so ya there is going to have to be UBI or riots/gangs/etc will increase

all of the govs/banks are in the process of trying to rollout their CBDCs , and most peasants are just going to do whatever they are told ; but a majority AI guided economy would most likely want to use a Bitcoin based money system as it would not need the inflationary/corrupt aspects of centralized gov fiat , ie the AI has no need for greed like human politicians/bankers do

TLDR - change was coming , change is here , those that can adapt will be able to survive and/or thrive , those that cannot will suffer


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exactly , just like we dont need different rules/laws for killing someone with a screwdriver vs a hammer vs a gun , its murder , the crime is murder , the method is just a detail/mechanic , its relevant to an extent but the murder is whats important

i guess im arguing intent vs results or something [ethics, kant, whatevs] ; ie the if the crime is harassment/assault/etc then focus on that , the particulars should not be the crime [even if they are relevant to the specific case obvs]

imho the only reason that our societies are concerned about porn is because we have created an arena for it to be 'pornography' in the first place , ie its taboo ; if we didnt have this 'nudity is bad' immature/nonsense running around in our heads then these things wouldnt even be problems in the first place , but i realize thats a relatively unfeasible ask in our world atm


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one day i hope that humans will begin to understand that you cannot control everything and that you cannot put the genie back into the bottle

this is going to be as effective as making the growing/possession of certain plants illegal , ie this is a stupid waste of time/manhours and is only going to encourage a black market

tbc i dont support harrassing anyone with deepfake porn , but the fact of the matter is that you cannot stop/prevent it , it would be much more effective to just grow up and learn to ignore it and treat it as childish play ; but ofc these prudish and sexually repressed cultures are basically immature children themselves so ofc they cannot do that XD


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spending too much time worrying about the future or the past is robbing yourself of your presence of mind

these terms 'the singularity' are just hyperbole , we are in the moment right now , this is it , and tomorrow will be it as well , and the next day/week/month/year/etc ; obvs the dawn of AGI will be a big thing as well , but it will likely have already happened previously unknown/unrealized before or by the time its widely recognized

i dont think its bad/wrong to be optimistic about the future , and what's the alternative? to be miserable? i do think that we should be realists/realistic with our views ; so many of us are already living in a very real and very boring dystopia , that beast needs no further fuel/food

most normies are not going to be down with techno-predictions becuz the avg person knows little-to-nothing about the space ; even the experts in their fields say that any predictions further than a decade or two at this point are just silly , so many things are so disruptive and dynamic that its basically impossible to make accurate predictions [not that it was ever easy]

its hard to find ppl to have these kind of convos with , yep

but imho its more important to have convos about alan watts and stoicism for the majority of ppl , they can at least get something meaningful/useful that can make their lives immediately better , whereas dreaming about the amazing technological progress of tomorrow is wild/fun for us sci-fi/nerd types , but not everyone shares our minds eyes